20 Ideas for Stocking Stuffers

20 Stocking StufferPIN IT

I know you’ll probably be seeing these Stocking Stuffer Idea lists everywhere- shares, blogs, pinterest- – but personally I love reading through them to gain some new ideas (or ones I forgot!). Most of the items I put in our stockings are not big or expensive so I try to pick up a few things here and there the weeks leading up to Christmas! (more…)

DIY Thankful Tree and Thanksgiving Centerpiece

DIY Thankful Tree

Today I wanted to share how the kids and I made our own DIY Thankful Tree. Oh, and thanks to sales this project cost was less than $15. It’s really really simple, but the kids and I spent 90 minutes tracing and cutting and listening to classical music while we “prepped” our leaves for the month- having it all done and tucked into the milk crate box creates no excuses for taking 5 minutes to write and tie on a thankful leaf each night. Enjoy some inspiration and Happy November! (more…)

Fun at the Pumpkin Patch

Last weekend we headed out to the pumpkin patch! We were surprised that it had already been pretty picked over, but the kids got to ride in the wagon, play with ladybugs, and buy another jug of fresh apple cider so I’ll call that a win 😉

I even did a little video over on YouTube  you can watch it HERE.

Area Rug turned Room Makeover 

It all started as an innocent conversation about Theo officially being a crawler and how I thought we needed an area rug to cover up the library carpet. Who knows how old it was, it’s long nap and with a shedding dog and crawling baby I knew I needed to do something.

Well that conversation turned into a jump online to calculate sq.ft. and price,  (carpet was picked out already as we’ve already done another room), then a trip to Lowes to purcahse carpet and pad, and a run to Home Depot to rent a carpet stretcher.


YouTube Adventure

So, we did a thing… And started a YouTube channel!


For years I have read blogs and finally started one, and I’ve also watched YouTube over the last couple years. Something my husband said has really struck me.. If I spend “all this time” reading blogs and watching videos, why am I not doing it myself?  .. Our vision is to be family centered: family trips, homeschool, one income/stay at home mom life, recipes, kids fun, nature walks, etc!

Let me say this, videos take practice to create 🙂 Yesterday I uploaded our 2nd video: Apple Picking with Daddy. Feel free to watch and if you want to stick around to watch our adventures just hit subscribe!

do you watch YouTube? If so what kind of videos do you enjoy the most?


Listen, Doing, Making 

capsule wardrobe

Decluttering – I know I said above I want alllll the new things, but this girl also wants things in my house that I love. I recently went through boring things like the medicine shelf, switching out summer clothes and making need lists, and I just planned on going through the toy box of the next couple of week both with and without the kids to get rid of toys.
And since we are talking about pairing down and decluttering – Capsule Wardrobes – I already do this during pregnancy naturally but as I was getting out my fall/winter clothes I immediately threw out or donated clothes that were faded, didn’t fit right, or that I just plain didn’t like but kept anyways. I found Corina’s blog through pinterest and I printed off the FREE Fall Capsule wardrobe check list- I had a few items, but am slowly buying items the other items I need. She also has paid versions of the seasons and even came out recently with a whole year

5 tips to monthly meal planning_


I am really relying on my monthly meal plan! And have already started October’s! New recipes, fall food, yum! If you want my FREEBIE Meal Plan you can sign up for my newsletter HERE and get yourself a copy!






APPLES. APPLES.APPLES.  Last year we went apple picking with friends, but this year we made it a family outing. We’ve made apples sauce, apple “nachos”, and apple pie! I’ve canned one batch of applesauce, but we plan on going apple picking again to get more!
Me Time. Some days it looks like a bath, or 20 minutes of reading a book, or buying a new nail polish, or having the husband take the kids on a drive so you can clean and relish in the silence of your house! . “You can’t pour from an empty cup” is so true! I plan on getting my sewing machine out soon!


Share what you’ve been listening, doing, or making!

August Book Reviews

book reviews

Since our homeschooling year started 3 weeks ago I have been thrown for a loop! It’s been a bit of a  struggle and we’ve also had big glimpses watching the kids get excited about different subjects (like French!), but I haven’t picked up a book in over 10 days! Anywho, these are the books I was actually able read in August! (more…)

Homeschool Charlotte Mason Education

I had quite a few questions over on Instagram at the end of last school year on how we homeschool, what curriculum we use, how do I keep little ones busy, etc. You can read up on last year in this post but I have to say the beauty with homeschooling is being able to change directions when things don’t quite feel right. Towards the end of the last year I started doing research, not on curriculum, but on the different ways and philosophies and approaches to homeschooling (unschooling, child led, traditional, Charlotte Mason, unit studies, etc) trying to figure out which would be the best fit for us. I actually had come across Charlotte Mason a few years ago but trying to read her volumes was (and somewhat still is, but I’m trying!) frustrating to me so I gave up without really doing research beyond her volumes. Thankfully I looked into CM again, but I am really excited about this year!


5 Tips to Monthly Meal Planning & Free Printable

As a mom with many little mouths to feed, meal planning and cooking can become a huge, dreaded task. Creating a monthly meal plan takes away some of our weekly stress and can turn cooking into an enjoyable task instead of a dreaded one! I realized a few months ago weekly meal planning wasn’t working anymore. I was meal planning for one-two days between searching pinterest, looking through the pantry, and making a list and then taking another one or two trips to the store a week only to turn around a few days later to start it all over. I was burned out and frustrated. I started monthly meal planning and using this printable system and it has been such a relief!