We started a pizza and movie night tradition with the kids on Fridays.

They love pizza and I know we are making fun memories that they’ll remember.

Although we sometimes do grab a pizza from somewhere else, we prefer to make it at home. We love to change up the toppings (and sneak in veggies)  and create new ones too:

  • ham, broccoli and cheese (using a garlic/olive oil “sauce” instead of a red sauce)
  • sausage and cheese
  • sautéed Brussel sprouts, chicken, and BBQ (yeah, my husband made this work = YUM)
  • stuffed crust – my favorite 😉
  • Stromboli-style pizza roll
  • breakfast pizza
Notes: you do not have to use bread flour, regular flour or whole wheat will work. Bread flour does seem to be more ‘flexible.’ I normally add honey, but if I am out I use sugar. You can make this the night before!! After mixing just cover with saran wrap and put it in the fridge. I usually set it out on the counter 30-45 minutes or so before rolling it out. Oh, and we can get 5 individual pizzas or a large 14/16″ (16 with rolling over for stuffed crust)!.



What’s your family’s favorite pizza topping??

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