Have you heard of no-spend September?

I came across a blog posted written about it and then I went and youtube searched it: so many people do this! It’s genius really, lots of people have just spent money on getting their kids back into school with new clothes, supplies, and school fees and this helps get family’s back on track before the holidays come rolling in!

Everyone does it a bit different, but from what I saw mostly people:
-still pay all of their normal bills
-still put gas in their vehicles
-either lower their monthly grocery budget by $100 (say, $400 vs the normal $500) OR they only buy $100 worth of groceries every week.

and DON’T do the following:
-no drive through or eating out AT ALL the WHOLE month. (anyone else guilty more than they’d like to admit) *raising hand*
-no “fun” activities that COST money, of course free doesn’t count.
-no going to target (for us it’s Lowed!)  without a list and buy $150 worth of stuff you really, truly didn’t NEED at this moment.

I cannot remember who now that I’m writing this, say they do this twice a year now. They do a no spend  September and also one in January .. SO smart!

Although we aren’t necessarily doing a no spend September we are focusing on getting some debt paid. The Mr. has been working some overtime so we are making sure that isn’t just spend on random-ness! .. and I have made it a goal to spend $100 a week on groceries this month. I plan meals, but I really don’t stick to a “Monday is this” “Tuesday we are having this” strict schedule.. it’s more of a list and then I make what I feel like having, or cooking 😉


banana muffins and smoothies
pancakes with PB and bananas, milk
egg sandwich- egg, cheese, ham on an English muffin
baked oatmeal

sandwiches (usually PB& jelly)
homemade ham and cheese hot pockets

tomato soup and grilled cheese
beef stroganoff, roasted carrots
nachos- beans, rice, lettuce, greek yogurt, black olives, avocado, salsa
chicken, rice, and a veggie
pizza – homemade

Happy Monday friends!

have you heard of no-spend September? if you’ve done it let me know how it worked out!?!!

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