Over the halfway mark, wow! The first 12 weeks went slow due to the constant sick feeling, all day nausea, throw-up-at-any-moment looonnnnggg days. And now they seem to be flying by!

The second trimester is so refreshing! My energy is back, I can pretty much eat normal again, and my belly is finally getting some pregnancy shape! My only ‘complaint’ is literally getting woke up in the middle of the night from kicking and squirming around!

If you missed it over on IG, we took the kids with us to our big ultrasound and found out we are having another BOY!  We were so excited! He is measuring right on track and all his stats and measurements look great! Daddy thinks he will come out looking just like Ashton did (granted, the girls looked very similar at birth, so it wouldn’t be too much of a shock).

It’s so fun to stop referring to him as “the baby” and call him by his name! Gosh, I love it.!

                                                                      top from PinkBlush Maternity

I’ve only gained 4 lbs so far. I’m craving salads (homemade is ALWAYS better) and lots of fruit. I’ve started to buy some maternity clothes. Depending on the shirt fit I can sometimes buy one size up in regular shirts and I can get more use out of them post partum. I think my fall/winter wardrobe options are going to be mostly one of these two options :

tank, cardigan & leggings / via Pinterest                    tunic & pants / via Pinterest

I’m so looking forward to fall, cooler temperatures, the chore of raking leaves, and soup season!!

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