My husband is probably the best gift giver I have ever known ( I AM lucky!) but he is the WORST at waiting or keeping the surprise a secret!!!

So…. I know all of my Christmas presents already. Some actually showed up on Friday, so I have already started to enjoy them! .. This year I actually came up with a Christmas list, which did make his job a little easier. I like practical every-day items.  And the fact he saved us some money but making the purchases over the Thanksgiving holiday. extra win!

I got to say, he did goooood this year, as always! He got it good this year too, as we picked up his present on Friday … a new TV for the living room. Which took us a hot minute to get it set up and mounted on the wall. The kids played well, while  we were trying to get it figured out and ended up eating cereal for dinner… but no one complained 😉

And then Saturday I made up for it by breaking my Dutch Oven with my first pot roast! Both were a success. I used a mixture of this recipe and this one, if you are interested!

I think all of the presents have been ordered..   Now to focus on our Christmas bucket list. Our two big things are gingerbread houses and going to see Christmas lights.

Is your hubby a good gift giver? Do you know what you are getting? Holiday shopping done yet?

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