Ah, less than 6 weeks left. I almost can’t believe that’s my 34 weeks pregnant, but then again I sure am feeling it these days!


Weight gain: 20lbs  I’m on target weight-wise but I do feel like I’m carrying the weight pretty much in my belly. This may perhaps be the healthiest/fittest pregnancy and I think that is because  our eating habits have gotten better in the last few years. The only cravings I continue to have really is fresh fruit and/or smoothies.

Baby is the size of muskmelon  (our babies have all weighed 7 lbs)

Name: Yes, he has a name. His name was already in my heart before we found out we were pregnant with him and knew he was a boy.

We went through our hospital walkthrough last week. Although I have delivered there before it makes me more comfortable having a refresher tour. I also pre-registered online following the tour which I highly recommend! No woman wants to come into the hospital and have to sit and be asked a bunch of questions about insurance and if you have the same address in between contractions…

Fail : bought a going home outfit… only to realize AFTER washing that I bought preemie size instead of newborn.

The farther along I get, the less space this girl gives me!

We have pretty much all we need except to buy a new infant carseat. Hubby has been doing research on a bassinet and I would like to purchase a Moby Wrap or other woven baby wrap.

TO DOs  this week: write out birth plan ( the hospital doesn’t supply that paperwork anymore so I will make my own via research and our wishes)  and write out a list and start packing our hospitals bags.

Worries: My only worry is that hubby is suppose to start working in a new location…. 5+ hours away. Although I worry, none of my other 3 labors have been less than 8 hours so…I’ll just keep praying he comes when daddy is home! Hubby made a passing comment he will come early, so we shall see!


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