Well hello there!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas break and a good start to 2017!

Hubby is back to work after a week+ break and the kids think it’s funny to test mommy on what they can get away with, so I’m having fun times over here. * eye roll*

I love Christmas break not only because of Christmas per se, but we get quality family time, projects done, enjoy 24/7 hubby/daddy time, and we always have good conversations about the year coming up and goals and dreams and plans.

It’s definitely refreshing. And fun things like this happen 😉

I haven’t really ever done New Years resolutions but last year I chose the word: Enjoy.  I can’t say I stuck with it all year but I did try to remember to stop and enjoy the little moments with the kids, ‘enjoy’ the stresses of a stay at home mom with a hubby that travels vs the alternative. I thought about and decided that I did want to have another word to focus on but to make it a purposeful one that I contemplate on a regular basis, not just one I forget about in February.

My word this year is Grow.. and truly in every area of my life. I want to grow my relationship with each child (including baby boy in Feb), my Spiritual walk, the foundation of my marriage and as a wife, I want to grow certain talents without giving up when things get hard, and grow our knowledge of healthy living.

Just to name a few things 😉

I’m kicking off the year with a few books, book recommendations welcome! I have a few ‘fun’ reads on my library wish list too.


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