Ah, February is finally here!!

I had an appointment last week and ended up getting sent down for an ultrasound to make sure he was still head down, because she wasn’t completely sure. A tad nervous for a second, but he is! I’ve never had an ultrasound so late in pregnancy so I enjoyed it! I had her double check he was really a boy 😉 and got to watch him practice breathing with his lungs! I’m pretty sure he’s going to have a bit of hair too!

Weight Gain: 24ish lbs.

Cravings: still fruit! Lots of fresh fruit and/or smoothies!

Watching: Last week I watch “The Business of Being Born” on Netflix. And when hubby isn’t home I’ve been watching an episode or two at night of “Call the Midwife” on Netflix!

Problems/Issues: sleeping is just horrible now. He is very active at night so it is hard for me to fall asleep until he does… then there is the constant tossing and turning, waking up to pee… etc etc! I’m starting to wonder if I will get more sleep when he gets here! 😉

That and the fact most of clothes are starting to not fit.. hubby’s sweats to the rescue! 😉

I have been practicing hypnobirthing this pregnancy and it really has been helpful to relax throughout the day and to fall asleep faster at night. I am hoping I can keep focused during labor. You can read a bit about hypnobirthing HERE if you haven’t heard of it. In other countries it is a common  practice for pregnant mothers (along with having homebirths), although uncommon here in the USA.

Last minute check list DONE!

  • purchased his infant carseat last week so now he can officially come when he is ready! We do baby-wearing so I also purchased myself a Moby Wrap which will come in hand while he is small and something I can wear him around the house in.
  • hospital bag is packed!
  • birth plan written up and went over with hubby to refresh his memory !
  • pre-registered at hospital
a gift from our friends! .. I think I’m going to hang that card up in the boys’ room!
We are pretty much ready for him! Although I am getting a bit nervous along with the excitement. Thankfully hubby is a great helper, but I know there will be a shift/adjustment in our family.

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