Happy Tuesday!

I have literally minutes before any of the four kids need me. Two kids are just over being sick and the other two are currently which means my days are long, sleepless, and full of little ones needing attention! I found a few minutes to hop on and share a few things I’m listening to, doing, and making.!

Just finished this book via audible:


And getting ready to start this one:

What we have been doing the last few weeks include decluttering, organizing, and enjoy the outdoors.

Hanging baskets are such an easy way to brighten things up!

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen this last week on my kitchen day: artisan bread! It was so delicious and the kids were happy to share it with me!

I’ve had a sweet tooth the last couple of days and I came across a recipe for brownies using sweet potatoes, almond butter, and cocoa. I’ll post over on Instagram if it’s a hit.

I’d love to hear any book recommendations, projects you’re doing, or recipes you want to share??!!

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