Keeping up with the house can feel really overwhelming when there is so much to do: piles of laundry to wash, bills to be paid on time, toilets to keep clean, and keeping all the people fed. Up until a few months ago I didn’t have a very effective homemaking schedule, but let me tell you it has made a huge difference! And I know I said ‘schedule’ but it is flexible and changeable not ridged or concrete.

homemaking schedule


The simple version is you choose one day a week to do laundry, one day for cleaning, one day for bills and phone calls, and another day to work in the kitchen. Before I started this system I was getting a lot of small things done in a lot of different areas of homemaking but if I looked around it felt like I hadn’t made a dent in anything.

For the next 4 weeks I will go in more depth of each day:
Laundry Day
Office Day
Cleaning Day
Kitchen Day

Now, I don’t set my homemaking schedule up by tying them to a specific day of the week (ex. Laundry Day is on Mondays)  because each week is different. If I have a couple appointments on Monday, then having Laundry done when I’ll be out of the house all morning may be an unrealistic expectation. On Sundays (or Monday morning) I start planning out my week, I jot down the days of the week and assign which day I plan on doing what and then start adding things I need to do. And by that I don’t mean on cleaning day writing out “clean toilets, vacuum, wash windows, etc” because that is what cleaning day is about, I may write “ceiling fans” or “vacuum vents” because I would like to get those things done, but aren’t something I do every single week.

Before I started this doing this kind of homemaking schedule I couldn’t tell you the last time I cleaned the shower or washed bed sheets. And now I do!

I’ll also note, that my kids help. This mama doesn’t do it all by herself! We all make the house dirty, we all eat the food, and we all wear clothes, so we all pitch in to help. Melanie (2) may not be able to fold clothes but she’s good at putting the clothes on hangers and matching socks together!

Next week we will jump into Laundry Day and go more into what I do, what the kids help with, and other details! But if you are already overwhelmed I would start here.

Homemaking Schedule Introduction
Homemaking Schedule: Laundry Day
Homemaking Schedule: Office Day
Homemaking Schedule: Cleaning Day
Homemaking Schedule: Kitchen Day

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