Oh, cleaning day, how I hate you but I love you also. Now, personally I like to do cleaning day on Thursday, before the rush of the weekend hits but that’s a personal preference.

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Depending on how bad the house is I either start with the room that needs the most attention, or I start at one end of the house and go room by room. Cleaning room by room keeps me from getting side tracked versus doing all the dusting walking room to room and noticing socks that need picked up, or that I need to send out some mail, or that I need to take out the trash……

cleaning day
This is what I use to clean the house:

-White Vinegar- I have a spray bottle I use for mirrors, cabinets, windows etc.  that is approximately 40/60 (vinegar/water) ratio.
-Thieves- I use this to spray down cabinets and such. (I do not sell it nor do I have oils from Young Living)
white rags– these are great for everything! They come large and I cut them. So many uses- wood staining, cabinet cleaning, wiping down interior of the van…
Non-Scratch kitchen scrubby– I cut these in half so they last longer. Great for scrubbing baths/showers and sinks.
Bona cleaner– I have both the cleaner and the polish for our laminated floors. (This one is for hardwood)
Bona Mop– must have with wood floor + kids + dog hair! (you can get a whole set HERE)
-Baking Soda- great for sinks, baths, and toilets (along with vinegar)


Clean toilet (baking soda/vinegar).
Clean mirrors with vinegar/water mixture.
Wipe down cabinets, door knobs, and light switches with thieves.
Clean the floor.
Clean shower using baking soda and non scratch scrubby with a splash of water. (Note the first few times you do this, you will be grossed out on how much gunk you scrub off!). Rinse clean with water.

Living Spaces/Bedrooms:

Wipe down baseboards and door frames with thieves.
Pick up and put away any misplaced items.
Organize books shelves/toys/baskets.
Clean windows.


Wipe down counters, cabinets, appliances, door frames, handles, and light switches.
Check fridge for any bad produce and wipe up any spills.
Load dishwasher, wash by hand if needed, unload dishwasher if done.
Straighten pantry up.
Wash windows.
Wipe down table legs and chairs.
Gather up and wash any kitchen towels if it didn’t get done on laundry day.
Sweep and mop the floor.

What do my kids do?

Clean the table legs and chairs.
Help wash our bay windows.
Dust with rag.
Pick up toys/move items while I vacuum.
Wipe down light switches and baseboards.
Help wipe kitchen cabinets.

cleaning day

Our house is only one story and with little helpers doing different tasks it really doesn’t take much time. I get it done during naptime(s). And the kids don’t mind or complain {much} because they know that while I sweep and mop the floors (last, always last) they get to go play Mario on the Wii. And then I get to sit down and enjoy a couple chapters of whatever book I’m reading!

I just came across Norwex and I am intrigued, anyone use them? Okay? love them? nah? Let me know !


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