I have rediscovered my love of reading! I read a few books last month and thought I’d do a book review in case you’re looking for suggestions!  My sisters and I were all were bookworms growing up but when you have kids, you can’t stay up until 1 am to finish a book when you still have a nursing baby and early bird risers because then you tend to turn into a grumpy mom. I knew it was a bad idea while I glanced at the clock at 11:09 p.m. and still kept reading ahh. well 🙂

book reviews

As a mom of four I don’t know how many times I’ve said “I don’t have time” or “I wish I had time to ____”   . Listen, I get it. But we have to make time.. If I decide to read a book after the kids go to bed, then I also am saying no to watching a movie, or getting one more load of laundry finished, or working on this blog. Reading is something I love to do, it’s ME time, as a mom I need to carve that time out.

How have I found time to read 1-2 books a week?
1. I read while I nurse baby Theo.
2. I read after the kids go to bed.
3. I read while the kids play in the afternoon or have their technology time (watching a movie or playing the Wii).

And doing so in front of the kids has had an amazing effect. They are looking at books even more, Bella has been reading through a couple of different easy reader book series from the library, and the kids overall take more of an interest picking out books. I love that they are learning at a young age to enjoy stories, look at pictures, ask big questions- it will only serve them better as they grow up.

Now let’s jump into the books I read last month!

I have used some affiliated links to give you access to the exact book and if you choose to purchase, I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you..

Book Review

5 Love Languages of Children

I’ve owned this book for a few years now but I thought it was time to revisit now that the kids are a bit older and would be easier to determine their love language. (You can read more about the 5 types and take the test over on Gary Champan’s website if you are unfamiliar). As I reread this book it was easier to match up each child to their love language and since this book is geared towards children it gives applicable examples on how a child feels loved and in the same token, how much more hurt they feel if their love language is used in punishment. Knowing my husband’s love language, my own, and now all three of the bigger kids- we each have a different love language!! Since revisiting this book I now can focus on a specific area with each child and it is amazing to see how happy they are when we are filling up their love tanks!

I highly recommend reading the specific books (like the children’s book), because they are written more specific and give clear examples! I’ve also read The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts, which I thought was a great read if you are married or in a relationship.

The Art of Losing Yourself: A Novel

This book was SO good! This is the book that I stayed up way too late to finish. It was a great read and I cried through the last few chapters! PSA: it has a Christian story line, quotes from Scripture, and talks about God. I have already looked up and requested another of her books! Good read, real life issues, and a good ending !


This was the first Jon Acuff book I’ve read. I actually follow him on social media and decided it was about time to actually read one of his books! This was a good one! I then read Quitter, which I loved. Quitter was about his journey from being a job he liked but didn’t love and the transition into speaking and writing. (Hint: It took time, trials, hard work, patience, and an honest look about the process of making your dream job come true!). Start was good, but definitely suggest reading Quitter.

Present Over Perfect

Another really good book. This book had lots of gold nuggets in it. Many pages I had stop and really think on. This book is Shauna’s account of stopping the busyness and really trying to focus on intention and connection. I plan to read this again with a highlighter in hand!

More Than Just Making It

Now, this one I haven’t actually finished yet, but I am already quickly making my way through it! I am part Erin’s launch team and was so excited to learn that I get a copy to read and share it! From the title it looks like another financial book but it’s not. It’s her family story of financial struggle and how they really had to lean into God to get through a difficult time. I’ve been reading her blog for many years now so I kind of know how the story ends 😉  If you want to check out more about the book you can CLICK HERE and pre-order for extra goodies or wait until September when it’s available in bookstores! Or visit her website HERE.

I already have a stack of books, but I’d love to hear of any must reads to add to my ever-growing list!?!

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