Since our homeschooling year started 3 weeks ago I have been thrown for a loop! It’s been a bit of a  struggle and we’ve also had big glimpses watching the kids get excited about different subjects (like French!), but I haven’t picked up a book in over 10 days! Anywho, these are the books I was actually able read in August!

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you are a badassYou Are A Badass by Jen Sincero.

I definitely plan on reading this book again! I was really inspired while reading this book. It’s a “self help book” but she gives practically tips on how to overcome lies, meditate, etc.
*Swearing and words like “lame-o” used*


“Don’t Make Me Count to Three!” by Ginger Hubbard

Parenting and discipline are touchy subjects, I know. This book is based on biblical scripture but remember when  reading touchy topics you can take and leave what you want. Although I do use the counting 1-2-3 method, she makes a point I very much agree with – if your child is running to the road (or parking lot) and a car is coming there is no time to count to three- and that your children should obey you without having to count to three every time you ask them to do something.

more than just making itMore Than Just Making It by Erin Odom

I’ve talked about this book here and on Instagram and it’s now available in Target and on Amazon! I think it’s a really encouraging book for anyone to read as we all go through difficult financial times but it is definitely for anyone in the middle of financial hardship and gives Godly Wisdom and scriptures to meditate on, and Erin shares different ways God provided for her family through it. I’ve followed Erin’s blog for years actually and you can check her out here if you would like.

The Life Giving Home by Sally Clarkson – I’ve had this book since it came out but I have been reading each coinciding monthly chapter. Her September chapter is about the seasons changing and taking refuge in our home, the comfort of hearty meals, read alouds, and Fall traditions. Reading that chapter made me feel even more excited about the color changing-sweater wearing-crispy cool airy days coming!

autumn bridesAutumn Brides by Kathryn Springer, Katie Ganshert, and Beth K. Vogt

I needed a fun read and this caught my eye while waiting in line. That and it was a perfect read for August 😉 A good, easy read with three separate, short stories within!


Read any good books lately? Let me know in the comments!

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