Can we talk about goals? I know you see them everywhere but I’ll be the first to admit I get super excited about the New Year, write out a list of goals, talk them over with my husband, and then they seem to get tucked away and BAM another year gone and again starts the cycle. Insert: Vision Boards and Monthly Challenges (January is Me Time!)

I was really encouraged the last few months following Rachel Hollis over on her FB page where she did encouraging Live Stream Videos every week for something she called “The Last 90 Days” — In a nutshell she encouraged to end the year with the same zest for life and attitude that we would normally start at the beginning of a New Year- and it was a brilliant idea that really got me thinking about 2018 and how I can actually set and achieve some goals! I’ll be honest and say the month of December our schedule was l-a-z-y and amazing, but it sure felt good to jump into an old routine yesterday! Christmas inside of the house is no where to be seen and the only reason the outside lights are still up is because it’s c o l d outside! … Anywho, onto Vision Boards and January’s Challenge: Me Time.


Vision Boards

vision boardI had the kids join me in this to make it more fun. I already had written my 18 goals out but I explained to the kids what I was doing and started getting them to think about some goals they wanted. I prompted them by asking :

  1. What is something you want to learn more about?
  2. What is something you want to do this year?
  3. Where is somewhere you want to go?

I wasn’t exactly sure what they would say, but I was very pleasantly surprised by them! Answers included : to ride a horse, to learn about Dinosaurs and how they became extinct, to learn to make breakfast, and to play more with their baby brother.  cue: Awwww! 😉

So we painted and wrote and glued onto our boards!



January Challenge: Me Time

So, I turn 29 this month and it feels big this year!?!!. In many ways I thought my life would be so different than what it is but yet it’s so amazing in ways that makes me sad I never ‘dreamed’ I’d be doing what I do now – a wife, raising 4 littles, teaching them as a mom and as their educator,  and a homemaker.

I thought I’d share my monthly challenges here to keep me accountable honestly! Each month weaves into at least one of my 18 goals for 2018 and since this is my birthday month I decided to dedicate this month as Me Time. Either “scheduling” each day with something that I do specifically for myself or reflecting back on what I did do just for me!  When I don’t take time to do something for me day after day after day it comes out in the way I speak to my family and my overall attitude (which rubs off!) and that’s not fair nor is it helpful.

To give you an idea of what I am doing so far last week I have:
1. finished writing 2018 goals
2. listened to a podcast while I grocery shopped alone (bonus points to hubby!)
3. had a playdate — just as much for me as it is for the kids!
4. read for 30 minutes
5. took an oatmeal bath — with the weather so cold, this did wonders for my skin!
6. drank a whole cup of hot coffee while watching my two boys play together
7. bought a new notebook for myself

So who’s with me? I’d love for you to jump in the months that intrigue you, encourage you, and follow along!

Happy 2018!! I’d love to hear one of your goals for this year in the comments below!

Week 2 Update
Week 3 Update
Week 4 Update


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