If you are just jumping into this month’s challenge ‘Me Time’ you can read about it here and also read my week two update here.

This week was pretty productive! We spent a lot of time talking about this years goals and really got into listening/watching/ and reading up on how to make things happen! The kids are all pretty much all better, thankfully. Lots of homemade soup and movie marathons happened at the beginning of the week.

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Me Time last week consisted of:

    • bed at 8:30 — again, with the sickness of all four kids this mama was tired and sometimes it’s not worth it to “plow through” for a few more things checked of the to do list.
    • read for 30 minutes. I’m currently reading Different by Sally Clarkson and her son Nathan. Raw and real motherhood reading is such a great comfort to us mom’s in the trenches.
    • enjoyed a bubble bath complete with candles and a book. — to be honest, it only lasted approx. 10 minutes before the baby woke up, but I’ve learned to enjoy the moments I do get!
    • listened to Jen Hatmaker’s podcast while I prepped dinner one night
    • hubby finally agreed to play scrabble with me — and whooped me — I play for enjoyment he plays for blood, I mean points. 😉 I know this is not technically just a “me time” type of thing, but I have a hard time just sitting down doing something I want to do. For instance if the baby is napping I might squeeze in laundry, or making something in the kitchen, make phone calls, etc. while the other kids play.
    • I made some chocolate “nice” cream in my Vitamix. Have you heard of nice cream? If not, it’s frozen bananas with a splash of milk, I used vanilla almond milk, and I added in some chocolate animal cracker-type cookies. Delicious!
    • Grocery shopped while listening to a Podcast that helps us work on one of our family goals.

If you aren’t willing to learn, no one can help you.
If you’re determined to learn, no on can stop you.

chocolate "nice" cream

What did you do last week for your Me Time? I’m super excited for this week– cause it’s my birthday week! Which reminds me I still need to plan on what kind of cake I’m making for myself?!

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