Happy February! It’s a New Month which means a new challenge (read the beginning post HERE)! I decided this month is Fill Your Freezer February partly because the Holidays took over my normal kitchen/food routine, but also like a lot of people, I need to be better at our grocery spending. You can do this anyway you like – a pantry challenge, freezer cooking sessions, frugal food menu, but here’s my plan:

  • I’m staying within my normal grocery budget.
  • Make One – Freeze One System. If I’m making a lasagna this week, I’ll go ahead and make 2 and freeze one. If I’m making beans, I’ll cook a whole package and freeze the extra.
  • Weekly Meal Prep – cut veggies, cook meat, prep salad, etc.
  • Fill My Freezer: muffins, pancakes, healthy snacks, crockpot meals, pizza dough
  • No meals out. We may make an exception for Valentine’s Day, but we usually stay home!

I also created a FREE Printable to help with the recipes we want get done! Feel free to print one out for each week if it helps you feel less overwhelmed!

Feel free to email me findingfaithsfuture@gmail.com if you have any questions or need more help getting started! Besides here you can follow me over on Facebook, Instagram for daily updates, or sign up for my blog newsletter and you’ll also receive my FREE Monthly Meal Planning Sheet!

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