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January Challenge: Week Two

As I talked last week (read it here) January’s Challenge is Me Time.

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Last week I admit, I couldn’t think of anything I did for myself a couple of the days because all four of my kids are currently sick. Upper respiratory Infections – cue a couple days of me writing “hot shower” for the only things I could squeeze in for Me Time which was honestly to wash off any germs the kids gave me and 5 minutes of peace. Thankfully they are all on the mend and I *so far* have zero symptoms for said sickness.


January Challenge: Me Time

Can we talk about goals? I know you see them everywhere but I’ll be the first to admit I get super excited about the New Year, write out a list of goals, talk them over with my husband, and then they seem to get tucked away and BAM another year gone and again starts the cycle. Insert: Vision Boards and Monthly Challenges (January is Me Time!)

I was really encouraged the last few months following Rachel Hollis over on her FB page where she did encouraging Live Stream Videos every week for something she called “The Last 90 Days” — In a nutshell she encouraged to end the year with the same zest for life and attitude that we would normally start at the beginning of a New Year- and it was a brilliant idea that really got me thinking about 2018 and how I can actually set and achieve some goals! I’ll be honest and say the month of December our schedule was l-a-z-y and amazing, but it sure felt good to jump into an old routine yesterday! Christmas inside of the house is no where to be seen and the only reason the outside lights are still up is because it’s c o l d outside! … Anywho, onto Vision Boards and January’s Challenge: Me Time.