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Homeschool Charlotte Mason Education

I had quite a few questions over on Instagram at the end of last school year on how we homeschool, what curriculum we use, how do I keep little ones busy, etc. You can read up on last year in this post but I have to say the beauty with homeschooling is being able to change directions when things don’t quite feel right. Towards the end of the last year I started doing research, not on curriculum, but on the different ways and philosophies and approaches to homeschooling (unschooling, child led, traditional, Charlotte Mason, unit studies, etc) trying to figure out which would be the best fit for us. I actually had come across Charlotte Mason a few years ago but trying to read her volumes was (and somewhat still is, but I’m trying!) frustrating to me so I gave up without really doing research beyond her volumes. Thankfully I looked into CM again, but I am really excited about this year!


Homeschool Review: Year 2

Our homeschool year in review: curriculum, field trips, and supplies!

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Before I jump in let me say that I am no expert and although I know quite a few homeschooling mom’s, none of our choices/curriculums/schedules are or will be the same. Every child is different even within a family, so what works for my oldest may not work for one of her siblings. Over the last 2 years I have been researching how different families ‘do’ homeschool, looking at different homeschool curriculums, what homeschool ‘looks’ like, but with all the research came one big point: no two families do it the same way and there isn’t a ‘wrong’ way. With all that said here is what we’ve done homeschooling year 2 wrap up. (more…)