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Monday was good to me

The time change was suppose to give us an hour, right? Well something happened and my kids LOST 2 hours!?!?!!. Which means I have been getting a 5:30 am wake up call.  Ah, well. The kids are currently drawing at the big table and I have water heating on the stove for my coffee.

My husband is the early bird, he always has been. I do have to agree when I get up early I get more things accomplished. Yesterday I had everything done before lunch (except one load of laundry I chose not to fold that is currently in the dryer). And Mel took a morning nap instead of her afternoon nap which was a big help also. And I got to have a little midmorning rest:

new slipper socks from Muk-Luks – so soft and warm, perfect gift for Christmas!

It really is good for me though. I got to play a game with the kids, we watched one episode of Chopped on Netflix, and I read them a book. Dare I say I’m starting to like these early mornings? Haha. 3pm rolled around and I felt like it should have been 5 or 6 o’clock!

I am also realizing I’m on my phone a whole lot less these days which means I’m “finding” pockets of time to read a book myself, play with the kids, or just sit down and enjoy watching the kids play.. or them play with baby brother. I have seen the awe in the ‘big’ kids’ eyes on seeing a new baby(mel) but I cannot wait to see Melanie. She loves to shake my belly and tell him to ‘wake up – breakfast” as she says. I want savor these moments forever!  I’m sure she’ll be excited to ‘play’ with him!

Oh, and early bedtimes are my jam! … I have read before that the more hours you get to bed before midnight the better you sleep?! I don’t know if that’s true, but when 9 p.m. hits, my body makes me feel like it’s midnight! But I really am sleeping better, even with my pregnancy aches and baby boy’s nighttime party kicks.

I think I may keep this routine 🙂

Deep cleaning, decluttering, and debt free journey

I don’t know if it’s the fall weather or the nesting has already kicked in. But deep cleaning and decluttering the house is my jam right now!

Deep cleaning and decluttering:

-swapped out summer clothes and bought majority of fall/winter clothes
-went through my clothes that don’t fit now, summer clothes and donated stuff I didn’t love. which left me with less to pack away for next year.
-scrubbed bathroom grout with baking soda, perioxide, and a toothbrush. Hubby didn’t seem to think it was a big deal but I think it lightened the floor a lot! ha. still need to finish doing the small bathroom.
-cleaned out the majority of our”catch all” closet.
-went through baby boy clothes and have a good 0-3 month wardrobe, and will fill in beyond that when it’s time.
– finish signing up for paperless billing so I can get rid of my file box and downsize to a thin binder.
-hubby and I went through the vitamin/medicine shelf. wow, much needed!
– I had a few random piles that I kept saying I was going to take pictures and try to sell, but instead I just took them to the salvation army so I can be done with them.

I haven’t picked up a paintbrush in over three weeks and didn’t renew my etsy shop listings. I do have my printables up, but I just have so much on my plate I was feeling guilty. And I also had time guilt – putting hours each week and neglecting other responsibilities without a steady financial return, so I freed myself and when I feel inspired it’s on my terms. .. instead I have read 3 books, started my 4th book and of course, lots of cleaning!

We are still working on house projects. We put up some trim and crown molding *heart eye emojis* and a bit of work done in Ashton’s room also. I finished sanding the bathroom door and still need to prime and paint it. (hopefully this week!)

Debt Free Journey

I follow many blogs, youtube channels, and listen to Dave Ramsey. And although we have loosely followed his plan 2/3ish years we finally recommitted this summer and I am so excited on the progress we have made over the last three months.

Our biggest reason we’ve made so much headway is because hubby has been working lots of long hours and working through weekends. If I remember correctly last month he was only home 6 days! And he’s on track to do the same this month. Thankfully he is working close enough we went and saw him during those long weeks and brought him food and did his laundry!

I am starting Rachel Cruze’s (Dave Ramsey’s daughter) clip system. It’s where you take out money for your categories but instead of envelopes, like Dave says, you use mini clips to sort your money. I’m only take out 3 categories: eat out, groceries, and my “allowance” money (aka blow money).  I’ll be using my bank card for gas, and few other things,  and will transfer on payday to savings for the sinking funds. I’m so excited ! #nerdalert

Happy Tuesday!

Pregnancy Update: 21 weeks

Over the halfway mark, wow! The first 12 weeks went slow due to the constant sick feeling, all day nausea, throw-up-at-any-moment looonnnnggg days. And now they seem to be flying by!

The second trimester is so refreshing! My energy is back, I can pretty much eat normal again, and my belly is finally getting some pregnancy shape! My only ‘complaint’ is literally getting woke up in the middle of the night from kicking and squirming around!

If you missed it over on IG, we took the kids with us to our big ultrasound and found out we are having another BOY!  We were so excited! He is measuring right on track and all his stats and measurements look great! Daddy thinks he will come out looking just like Ashton did (granted, the girls looked very similar at birth, so it wouldn’t be too much of a shock).

It’s so fun to stop referring to him as “the baby” and call him by his name! Gosh, I love it.!

                                                                      top from PinkBlush Maternity

I’ve only gained 4 lbs so far. I’m craving salads (homemade is ALWAYS better) and lots of fruit. I’ve started to buy some maternity clothes. Depending on the shirt fit I can sometimes buy one size up in regular shirts and I can get more use out of them post partum. I think my fall/winter wardrobe options are going to be mostly one of these two options :

tank, cardigan & leggings / via Pinterest                    tunic & pants / via Pinterest

I’m so looking forward to fall, cooler temperatures, the chore of raking leaves, and soup season!!

Homeschool Field Trip: apple picking!

We had such fun day yesterday at a local apple orchard.

One of my homeschool goals this year is to go on a field trip with the kids every month. I wanted to take the kids apple picking last year but I kept putting it off and then we never ended up going.

We met our friends at the orchard for a picnic and apple picking. Not all of the apples were ready to pick but we picked a whole bushel of Jonathan, Gold Delicious, Fuji, and Cortland. The trees were all short enough that the kids had no problems picking… and eating along the way 🙂

When we went to check out I saw a pile of “funky pumpkins.”  <— that’s what the sign said! There were ones that were white, and some were all bumpy, and the ones I fell in love with where called Cinderella pumpkins. Have you heard of or seen these? The are silver-y blue and oh, so gorgeous. I should have went back and took a picture!! I cannot stop thinking about them! I’ll definitely be going back next week and getting one or two of those pumpkins to decorate beside the front door!  Fall officially starts tomorrow so I need to get decorating, am I right?

I did however let the kids pick out three little $1 pumpkins to decorate our homeschool table, a jar of apple butter for hubby (it’s a favorite) and a half gallon of apple cider. I was a bit bummed they didn’t have a fresh cider stand set up because I really wanted to show the kids how it was made, so I may youtube search it for them!

It was so fun I think I will keep this on the Fall to-do list from now on!!

No Spend September thoughts & my meal plan

Have you heard of no-spend September?

I came across a blog posted written about it and then I went and youtube searched it: so many people do this! It’s genius really, lots of people have just spent money on getting their kids back into school with new clothes, supplies, and school fees and this helps get family’s back on track before the holidays come rolling in!

Everyone does it a bit different, but from what I saw mostly people:
-still pay all of their normal bills
-still put gas in their vehicles
-either lower their monthly grocery budget by $100 (say, $400 vs the normal $500) OR they only buy $100 worth of groceries every week.

and DON’T do the following:
-no drive through or eating out AT ALL the WHOLE month. (anyone else guilty more than they’d like to admit) *raising hand*
-no “fun” activities that COST money, of course free doesn’t count.
-no going to target (for us it’s Lowed!)  without a list and buy $150 worth of stuff you really, truly didn’t NEED at this moment.

I cannot remember who now that I’m writing this, say they do this twice a year now. They do a no spend  September and also one in January .. SO smart!

Although we aren’t necessarily doing a no spend September we are focusing on getting some debt paid. The Mr. has been working some overtime so we are making sure that isn’t just spend on random-ness! .. and I have made it a goal to spend $100 a week on groceries this month. I plan meals, but I really don’t stick to a “Monday is this” “Tuesday we are having this” strict schedule.. it’s more of a list and then I make what I feel like having, or cooking 😉


banana muffins and smoothies
pancakes with PB and bananas, milk
egg sandwich- egg, cheese, ham on an English muffin
baked oatmeal

sandwiches (usually PB& jelly)
homemade ham and cheese hot pockets

tomato soup and grilled cheese
beef stroganoff, roasted carrots
nachos- beans, rice, lettuce, greek yogurt, black olives, avocado, salsa
chicken, rice, and a veggie
pizza – homemade

Happy Monday friends!

have you heard of no-spend September? if you’ve done it let me know how it worked out!?!!

Let’s play catch up!

Well, hello…. again.

I swear I’m committing to blogging. I kind of need this, for me. Back in the day I use to scrapbook and journal but the kids have taken over my life 🙂 But I’m in such a rich season of life that I don’t want to forget it all.

I also have a lot of people messaging me about hubby and I’s diy projects, that I thought a blog would be a great place to reference and look back on. …

If you don’t follow me on Instagram, you should 🙂 I post lots of our projects, life bits and such. Click HERE for my Instagram or search findingfaithsfuture.


*We started our 2nd year of homeschooling! We are 3 weeks in and really loving it. I feel more organized thanks to hubby’s great idea of building a table for us..  honestly it wasn’t suppose to be so LARGE but, go big, right? I have tons of pictures of the kids sitting, leaning and playing on it. BEST.IDEA.EVER.

* Baby #4 is on the way! I’ve had a rough first trimester and but thankful most of my symptoms are gone!. Coming in Febraury <3

*Lots of house projects still are happening.. Currently trying to get the interior doors sanded, primed, and painted {dark grey}. Post to come on the details and how to! 



                 If you don’t know I have an etsy shop!! I do watercolor art & quotes, phone cases (with my art) , and coming soon: woodburning projects! … Gosh, I love it ALL. It’s a good creative outlet for ME. You can check out my etsy shop HERE, FB page HERE, and I always post sneak peeks on IG too!          

I’m excited to get this blog up and running! I’m even working to get a blog design done. #incentive

Talk to you soon!

Grocery Challenge

Like a lot of wife/mom’s I am the primary grocery shopper.
Okay, actually if I let my husband shop we would be broke and hungry 😉  I kid. Kind of.

We have been talking a lot lately about getting back on the debt free road. Since buying the house last year and so many projects we’ve kind of fallen off track. Like we heard on a Dave Ramsey talk show session this last weekend  “we are letting our money flow out of our hands like a sieve. ” And I have to admit our grocery money is all over the place.


1. Multiple grocery trips (I do menu plan but sometimes we go with what we are hungry for vs what I’ve already planned out and therefore are running to the store more times than needed).
2. Out to eat. Which is partly my fault for not having food prepped. Naturally we are on the go a lot and ended up ‘losing track of the time.’


1. Decided on a GROCERY budget and keep receipts…to explain: I get a certain amount each month and out of that I use it for everything- groceries, amazon, out to eat, art supplies, etc.
2. Meal prep. Especially for the weekend.
3. Continue meal planning – with at least 2 ‘extra’ meals to switch out if needed.
4. Freezer cooking .
5. Costco.

One box of these at Kroger runs $5-6.
I bought this box at Costco (=6 Kroger boxes) for $10.99

I need to keep myself accountable so I’m typing it out here 🙂  Happy to have anyone join in if you need the challenge too, or share your meal plan in the comments.

Do you have a grocery budget? What is it and how many people are in your family?

Is this thing on?

Well, hello there!

So much is happening I don’t where to start!

I created an about me page HERE to tell a little back story.

Current info:

Calvin and I got married last October on our 7 year anniversary, just us and the kids!

Kids: 3 currently! Bella is 6, Ashton 4, and Melanie is about to turn 2 this month.

Pets: We bought a German Shepard and name her Ember last fall.

We just bought a house last year and already want to buy some land and have a homestead!

First year garden adventures!