Let’s play catch up!

Well, hello…. again.

I swear I’m committing to blogging. I kind of need this, for me. Back in the day I use to scrapbook and journal but the kids have taken over my life 🙂 But I’m in such a rich season of life that I don’t want to forget it all.

I also have a lot of people messaging me about hubby and I’s diy projects, that I thought a blog would be a great place to reference and look back on. …

If you don’t follow me on Instagram, you should 🙂 I post lots of our projects, life bits and such. Click HERE for my Instagram or search findingfaithsfuture.


*We started our 2nd year of homeschooling! We are 3 weeks in and really loving it. I feel more organized thanks to hubby’s great idea of building a table for us..  honestly it wasn’t suppose to be so LARGE but, go big, right? I have tons of pictures of the kids sitting, leaning and playing on it. BEST.IDEA.EVER.

* Baby #4 is on the way! I’ve had a rough first trimester and but thankful most of my symptoms are gone!. Coming in Febraury <3

*Lots of house projects still are happening.. Currently trying to get the interior doors sanded, primed, and painted {dark grey}. Post to come on the details and how to! 



                 If you don’t know I have an etsy shop!! I do watercolor art & quotes, phone cases (with my art) , and coming soon: woodburning projects! … Gosh, I love it ALL. It’s a good creative outlet for ME. You can check out my etsy shop HERE, FB page HERE, and I always post sneak peeks on IG too!          

I’m excited to get this blog up and running! I’m even working to get a blog design done. #incentive

Talk to you soon!

Grocery Challenge

Like a lot of wife/mom’s I am the primary grocery shopper.
Okay, actually if I let my husband shop we would be broke and hungry 😉  I kid. Kind of.

We have been talking a lot lately about getting back on the debt free road. Since buying the house last year and so many projects we’ve kind of fallen off track. Like we heard on a Dave Ramsey talk show session this last weekend  “we are letting our money flow out of our hands like a sieve. ” And I have to admit our grocery money is all over the place.


1. Multiple grocery trips (I do menu plan but sometimes we go with what we are hungry for vs what I’ve already planned out and therefore are running to the store more times than needed).
2. Out to eat. Which is partly my fault for not having food prepped. Naturally we are on the go a lot and ended up ‘losing track of the time.’


1. Decided on a GROCERY budget and keep receipts…to explain: I get a certain amount each month and out of that I use it for everything- groceries, amazon, out to eat, art supplies, etc.
2. Meal prep. Especially for the weekend.
3. Continue meal planning – with at least 2 ‘extra’ meals to switch out if needed.
4. Freezer cooking .
5. Costco.

One box of these at Kroger runs $5-6.
I bought this box at Costco (=6 Kroger boxes) for $10.99

I need to keep myself accountable so I’m typing it out here 🙂  Happy to have anyone join in if you need the challenge too, or share your meal plan in the comments.

Do you have a grocery budget? What is it and how many people are in your family?

Is this thing on?

Well, hello there!

So much is happening I don’t where to start!

I created an about me page HERE to tell a little back story.

Current info:

Calvin and I got married last October on our 7 year anniversary, just us and the kids!

Kids: 3 currently! Bella is 6, Ashton 4, and Melanie is about to turn 2 this month.

Pets: We bought a German Shepard and name her Ember last fall.

We just bought a house last year and already want to buy some land and have a homestead!

First year garden adventures!