Well, hello…. again.

I swear I’m committing to blogging. I kind of need this, for me. Back in the day I use to scrapbook and journal but the kids have taken over my life 🙂 But I’m in such a rich season of life that I don’t want to forget it all.

I also have a lot of people messaging me about hubby and I’s diy projects, that I thought a blog would be a great place to reference and look back on. …

If you don’t follow me on Instagram, you should 🙂 I post lots of our projects, life bits and such. Click HERE for my Instagram or search findingfaithsfuture.


*We started our 2nd year of homeschooling! We are 3 weeks in and really loving it. I feel more organized thanks to hubby’s great idea of building a table for us..  honestly it wasn’t suppose to be so LARGE but, go big, right? I have tons of pictures of the kids sitting, leaning and playing on it. BEST.IDEA.EVER.

* Baby #4 is on the way! I’ve had a rough first trimester and but thankful most of my symptoms are gone!. Coming in Febraury <3

*Lots of house projects still are happening.. Currently trying to get the interior doors sanded, primed, and painted {dark grey}. Post to come on the details and how to! 



                 If you don’t know I have an etsy shop!! I do watercolor art & quotes, phone cases (with my art) , and coming soon: woodburning projects! … Gosh, I love it ALL. It’s a good creative outlet for ME. You can check out my etsy shop HERE, FB page HERE, and I always post sneak peeks on IG too!          

I’m excited to get this blog up and running! I’m even working to get a blog design done. #incentive

Talk to you soon!

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