Focus on the good. Positive breeds positive. Looking at the bright side.

1. Springtime is coming!

Granted some days snow still falls, we have one warm weathered day then the following day it pours down buckets of rain. But spring IS coming; I’ve seen glimpses, I swear it!


See? Told you.

2. Admiring hubby’s little projects.

He carved that snake from wood himself, made holes, and painted it. My kids are so lucky to have a creative dad. I hope they glean that from him.

3. Decluttering. Simplifying. Streamlining.

Anything from opting into paperless billing, cleaning out drawers and first aid ointment (went to use it and it expired in 2014!??!!), simplifying wardrobes, to donating “we may need that one day” stuff. I feel like if anything comes home from the store 3 items need to go!

4. Meal prepping/ freezer cooking.

With a newborn I just never know how my day will go. I need things simplified. Yesterday was my kitchen day and it really does help. This morning I was able to pop in homemade cinnamon rolls in the oven, pair it with some fruit (coffee with mine!) and I have happy kids! If I have a rough afternoon I can grab a freezer meal and simply reheat in the oven, or throw some pre-chopped veggies in the oven to roast and pair with chicken! We’ve been known to have cereal for dinner around here too some days. I don’t think it matters if you work outside or within the home. Mom or single. Meal prepping makes life easier! For the rest of today you can hop over to Instagram and watch a few clips of my kitchen day on Insta-stories!

5. X Files.

Over the last I don’t know, 4 ish months hubby and I have watched all 9 seasons on Netflix (they are taking it off April 1st, so we had to kind of binge last weekend a little bit) and now I feel lost because it was our go to show before bed. .. I need a new show to watch, any suggestions?

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