I can’t believe I became a mother 7 years ago!

She changed the direction of my life and I think her daddy would agree his did too. She was a dream baby; she slept through the night at six weeks, was always happy and loved to eat!

She became a sister before she was 2 and she fits that role quite well! Honestly, she is such a helper some days I forget that certain things aren’t hers to do.

In the last year she has learned to read, loves to help in the kitchen, and still loves to draw every day!

She got a big, responsible present this year:

Meet Ruby, our new bearded dragon. Which means I have worms in my fridge and crickets in my house 😉

Bella has requested pancakes for breakfast and broccoli soup for lunch!
Her and I are making vanilla cupcakes with chocolate frosting today too!

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