As a four time Mama I may have a more realistic list (and a smaller one) when it comes to my baby “must haves” list for 0-6 months.

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1. Nursing Bra– I love these and they work great no matter what you’re wearing. They’re soft, comfortable, give shape without an underwire, and easy to nurse in! It’s a huge bonus that they are super affordable- Less than $20 for 2!

2. Baby Nightgowns even for my boys! Super convenient for middle of the night changes when you are half asleep! You can use these up to around 9 months which also means less $ buying all the different size pjs.

3 & 4. Around 0-5 months I love a floor play mat, like this one. But around 5 months (or when baby has enough head control) we start playing in the Baby Einstein bouncer (new version linked). I have literally had ours through 4 kids and it is still holding up! Heck, now that we have gotten it out again, there is always someone playing with it!

5. A wetbag. These are usually for cloth diapering, but I promise you still need one even if you don’t plan to cloth diaper. I have one in my diaper bag for random blow outs, dirt diapers, beach clothes and it is great to have on hand when you are potty training too!

6. Baby Sleep Book – Seriously, if you are pregnant, or have  a newborn I encourage you to read this book! With 4 kids I have had both good sleepers and a couple not-so-fun bad sleepers. And now that I have 4 kiddos (and homeschooling), mama can’t afford not to get sleep!! I read this when Theo was three months and immediately implementing what I learned and in less than a week he was sleeping better!  Since we just changed him over to a crib he’s having a trouble adjusting so I went back and re read this to help! I had heard some of these trick and tips but using them all together is really the key! Buy it, read it, do it, sleep better!

7. Ergo Baby Carrier – with 4 kids under 7 this is a must for me! I actually started baby wearing back with baby #2. It’s bonding you with your baby but also keeping you hands free to get things done around the house, grocery shop without a big baby car seat, or enjoy a walk! I also have a moby wrap, a woven wrap, but the Ergo is a great baby carrier option- make sure you have the insert for newborn and this will last you into toddlerhood! I LOVE mine and use it weekly!

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baby must haves 0-6 months

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