It all started as an innocent conversation about Theo officially being a crawler and how I thought we needed an area rug to cover up the library carpet. Who knows how old it was, it’s long nap and with a shedding dog and crawling baby I knew I needed to do something.

Well that conversation turned into a jump online to calculate sq.ft. and price,  (carpet was picked out already as we’ve already done another room), then a trip to Lowes to purcahse carpet and pad, and a run to Home Depot to rent a carpet stretcher.

Start to finish it was about 6 hours of (husband) work start to finish. *Note: he has previous work experience laying flooring. *

The next day we  went to return the tools and ‘browse’ at a few other things —  which means we decided to jump in and start the accent wall too! We used these boards from Home Depot.

Oh, and don’t think we’re done! Ikea is suppose to open up this week in Indianapolis area and I plan on heading there soon! We can’t call it a library without bookshelves!! A true before and after post will be up when it’s all complete! I’m so excited!

And as we sat admiring our work my husband turns to me says “I think you’re right,  we need an area rug in here.”

After all that he still think we should get a rug!

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