The kids crowded around to watch as a I rolled, sprinkled, cut, and arranged cinnamon rolls on Thursday evening after cleaning up dinner. Choosing your birthday meals are a family tradition and one I hope plants seeds of fond memories together. They chatted among themselves on what I was doing, what ingredients I was doing, and crinkled their noses as I arranged the cinnamon rolls on the cookie sheet. These small every day things I don’t always recognize, sometimes later only recalling them as wishing time would rewind do soak in them a moment longer.

birthday decorations

birthday wish

hunter boots outfit

So perfect and simple with my favorite people. I felt so loved!
Mama doesn’t cook dinner on her birthday 😉 so we ordered dinner to bring home. We ate, enjoyed cake (tiramisu for me!), and then played balloon games. We had a blast!

29 and it feels so good!

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