I got an email this morning from a reader saying she wanted to follow along on Fill Your Freezer February, but was unsure how to get herself started.


freezer cooking

1. Clean Out Your Fridge and Freezer.

-take every thing out. Yes, I know it’s a big task. Trust me you need to!
-wipe down any spills and give it a good scrub.
-as you put things back check for expiration dates (fridge) and any freezer – burnt food and toss it. Make a list as you do this for items you tossed and also items that may be running low on, but don’t think you have to replace it all on the next shopping trip. .
-organize! In whatever way works for you.

2. Make a List of Recipes.

This is based on your family. When I freezer cook I don’t go and make 10 meals that we have never tried before because I don’t want to be wasteful. I love making new recipes but I prefer to try it before freezing a bunch of untested ones. Instead I think of things we eat on a regular basis and figure out what I can do to prep and freeze. Not every family eats the same, but I’ll give you some ideas that are on my list:

baked oatmeal
-smoothie packets
energy balls, also known in our house as chocolate balls
-taco meat
-veggie or chicken stock
pesto chicken (I freeze just the chicken and pesto)
-your favorite soup
pizza dough – freeze before it rises!

3. Use Your Time Wisely.

It takes less time to double something (and the same amount of dishes) than it does to take a separate block of time that sometimes we can’t frankly spare, and yet our family still needs to eat! Remember it is a process to fill your freezer not a one day task! Especially if you are new to freezer cooking, I was intimidate when I first started too!


So I challenge you get #1 done and start #2 this weekend! Let me know in the comments if you’re in?! Go ahead and tag me on Instagram (@findingfaithsfuture)  or use the hashtag #fillyourfreezerfebruary so I can encourage you on! !

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