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End of July!?

I can’t believe it’s the end of July already, can you?

We’ve been busy over here! Lots of yard work, homeschool planning, decluttering the house, working on the boys’ room to get it finished, looking at paint colors and tile for the next project in the house, meal planning (I think I’m in love doing the monthly meal plan!)…

Oh the list goes on and on. I’ve been really trying to manage my time on projects but it’s gotten difficult on my attitude and I have been easily frustrated with all that needs to get done.

So I need to step back and enjoy the last of the summer doing fun things with kids! We made some fun plans for the weekend and I’m looking forward to it!


Any last minute plans or fun things happening before summer ends?

Intentional Summer Series 

Happy Monday!

Today I’m guest posting over HERE about having an Intentional Summer with my littles. Every Monday this summer is a new post up on this topic and Keri is also having a great summer series via email that you sign up for on her site too, so check that out too! (Fun games and bits of wisdom).

Here’s a snippet :

Three Ways to be Intentional With Your Kids- Tips for Summer

Since the birth of our fourth child back in February I’ve realized some days I barely went through the motions of our day. Have you ever felt like you had desire to be intentional with your kids, but it just did not happen?

That was me.

I mentally checked off things on my to do list instead of playing with the kids or sitting down and reading a book while the youngest naps. I would squeeze in “one more” chore around the house. When he woke up it felt like a juggling act some days between trying to finish cooking meal, feeding the baby, or breaking up an argument. As we got closer to wrapping up our homeschool year, I realized I needed to focus on having an intentional summer to reconnect as a family and with each child individually.


Listening, Doing, Making

Happy Tuesday!

I have literally minutes before any of the four kids need me. Two kids are just over being sick and the other two are currently which means my days are long, sleepless, and full of little ones needing attention! I found a few minutes to hop on and share a few things I’m listening to, doing, and making.!

Just finished this book via audible: (more…)

Things I’m Loving Lately

Focus on the good. Positive breeds positive. Looking at the bright side.

1. Springtime is coming!

Granted some days snow still falls, we have one warm weathered day then the following day it pours down buckets of rain. But spring IS coming; I’ve seen glimpses, I swear it! (more…)

My husband is a great gift giver but…

My husband is probably the best gift giver I have ever known ( I AM lucky!) but he is the WORST at waiting or keeping the surprise a secret!!!

So…. I know all of my Christmas presents already. Some actually showed up on Friday, so I have already started to enjoy them! .. This year I actually came up with a Christmas list, which did make his job a little easier. I like practical every-day items.  And the fact he saved us some money but making the purchases over the Thanksgiving holiday. extra win! (more…)

Thanksgiving weekend recap

Thanksgiving turned out wonderful. We traveled to PA and I didn’t have to cook a thing!

My grandma and aunt made all the traditional Thanksgiving foods with a few extras and it was a hit. I think all the kids had seconds or thirds!

We got to visit with my grandma, dad and step mom, all my sisters, aunt and uncle… lots of laughs and stories!

The kids did really good traveling but were quite tired, as was I, throughout the trip and since we’ve been home!

It was a quick 2 day trip but much needed. We snuck in some pictures since we were all together and I still need to get them emailed to everyone .

When we got home Calvin and I snuck off to do some Christmas browsing and a had a little date while discussing Christmas gifts and purchased our Christmas tree .. I’m usually ahead of the game, but not this year! I have only purchased two presents so far!

Christmas decorating in progress!!

Monday was good to me

The time change was suppose to give us an hour, right? Well something happened and my kids LOST 2 hours!?!?!!. Which means I have been getting a 5:30 am wake up call.  Ah, well. The kids are currently drawing at the big table and I have water heating on the stove for my coffee.

My husband is the early bird, he always has been. I do have to agree when I get up early I get more things accomplished. Yesterday I had everything done before lunch (except one load of laundry I chose not to fold that is currently in the dryer). And Mel took a morning nap instead of her afternoon nap which was a big help also. And I got to have a little midmorning rest:

new slipper socks from Muk-Luks – so soft and warm, perfect gift for Christmas!

It really is good for me though. I got to play a game with the kids, we watched one episode of Chopped on Netflix, and I read them a book. Dare I say I’m starting to like these early mornings? Haha. 3pm rolled around and I felt like it should have been 5 or 6 o’clock!

I am also realizing I’m on my phone a whole lot less these days which means I’m “finding” pockets of time to read a book myself, play with the kids, or just sit down and enjoy watching the kids play.. or them play with baby brother. I have seen the awe in the ‘big’ kids’ eyes on seeing a new baby(mel) but I cannot wait to see Melanie. She loves to shake my belly and tell him to ‘wake up – breakfast” as she says. I want savor these moments forever!  I’m sure she’ll be excited to ‘play’ with him!

Oh, and early bedtimes are my jam! … I have read before that the more hours you get to bed before midnight the better you sleep?! I don’t know if that’s true, but when 9 p.m. hits, my body makes me feel like it’s midnight! But I really am sleeping better, even with my pregnancy aches and baby boy’s nighttime party kicks.

I think I may keep this routine 🙂

Deep cleaning, decluttering, and debt free journey

I don’t know if it’s the fall weather or the nesting has already kicked in. But deep cleaning and decluttering the house is my jam right now!

Deep cleaning and decluttering:

-swapped out summer clothes and bought majority of fall/winter clothes
-went through my clothes that don’t fit now, summer clothes and donated stuff I didn’t love. which left me with less to pack away for next year.
-scrubbed bathroom grout with baking soda, perioxide, and a toothbrush. Hubby didn’t seem to think it was a big deal but I think it lightened the floor a lot! ha. still need to finish doing the small bathroom.
-cleaned out the majority of our”catch all” closet.
-went through baby boy clothes and have a good 0-3 month wardrobe, and will fill in beyond that when it’s time.
– finish signing up for paperless billing so I can get rid of my file box and downsize to a thin binder.
-hubby and I went through the vitamin/medicine shelf. wow, much needed!
– I had a few random piles that I kept saying I was going to take pictures and try to sell, but instead I just took them to the salvation army so I can be done with them.

I haven’t picked up a paintbrush in over three weeks and didn’t renew my etsy shop listings. I do have my printables up, but I just have so much on my plate I was feeling guilty. And I also had time guilt – putting hours each week and neglecting other responsibilities without a steady financial return, so I freed myself and when I feel inspired it’s on my terms. .. instead I have read 3 books, started my 4th book and of course, lots of cleaning!

We are still working on house projects. We put up some trim and crown molding *heart eye emojis* and a bit of work done in Ashton’s room also. I finished sanding the bathroom door and still need to prime and paint it. (hopefully this week!)

Debt Free Journey

I follow many blogs, youtube channels, and listen to Dave Ramsey. And although we have loosely followed his plan 2/3ish years we finally recommitted this summer and I am so excited on the progress we have made over the last three months.

Our biggest reason we’ve made so much headway is because hubby has been working lots of long hours and working through weekends. If I remember correctly last month he was only home 6 days! And he’s on track to do the same this month. Thankfully he is working close enough we went and saw him during those long weeks and brought him food and did his laundry!

I am starting Rachel Cruze’s (Dave Ramsey’s daughter) clip system. It’s where you take out money for your categories but instead of envelopes, like Dave says, you use mini clips to sort your money. I’m only take out 3 categories: eat out, groceries, and my “allowance” money (aka blow money).  I’ll be using my bank card for gas, and few other things,  and will transfer on payday to savings for the sinking funds. I’m so excited ! #nerdalert

Happy Tuesday!