Last Friday was our anniversary! 8 years together and 1 year married and today I wanted to share our $25 anniversary date!

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Thanks to Nana we got to head out Saturday for a day date while the kids got to have some quality time and play out all their energy!

We drove to a nearby town and found a locally owned coffee shop to grab a little lunch and coffee. We were going to grab it to go but she brought it out on a little plates so we just enjoyed our sandwiches there and saved our coffee to go.


Then we headed to the state park. Originally I thought hubby had asked for me to bring the camera to take pictures of the fall leaves on our walk but instead we did a little photo shoot! how sweet is he to think of that!? And we (I mean he) figured out how to set the self timer.

We also took a few pictures of the bison to show the kids.

We walked and talked and just really enjoyed each other. Before kids {and broke} we always did outdoor stuff together including summer canoeing and winter walks (are they considered hikes, cause it sure feels like a little more work than just a walk?haha) … The weather was amazing on Saturday and we sure enjoyed it. We lucked out because Sunday was dark and rainy all day.

It may be too simple of a anniversary date for some, but to me (us) it was a perfect date and took us down memory lane! We normally go for day dates because we like to be home to put kids to bed and lunch/day dates tend to be less crowded and cheaper !

Coffee and sandwich lunch:  $16.85
State Park entrance fee: $7.00
($9 for out of state residents)

Our total spent: $23.85!

Now I just need order some prints!