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Homemaking Schedule: Cleaning Day

cleaning day

Oh, cleaning day, how I hate you but I love you also. Now, personally I like to do cleaning day on Thursday, before the rush of the weekend hits but that’s a personal preference.

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Depending on how bad the house is I either start with the room that needs the most attention, or I start at one end of the house and go room by room. Cleaning room by room keeps me from getting side tracked versus doing all the dusting walking room to room and noticing socks that need picked up, or that I need to send out some mail, or that I need to take out the trash…… (more…)

How to Plan Your Homemaking Schedule: Introduction

homemaking schedule

Keeping up with the house can feel really overwhelming when there is so much to do: piles of laundry to wash, bills to be paid on time, toilets to keep clean, and keeping all the people fed. Up until a few months ago I didn’t have a very effective homemaking schedule, but let me tell you it has made a huge difference! And I know I said ‘schedule’ but it is flexible and changeable not ridged or concrete. (more…)